Our School-Age Workshop Themes



Take some worms, add some food scraps, and what do you get; fertilized soil and a whole lot of fun! This workshop breaks down the science of decomposition and reveals the work of worms and other decomposers.



Kids examine fossil casts and explore the differences in the teeth of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Students participate in a mini dinosaur excavation and make a cast of a dinosaur tooth to take home.


Slippery Science

This class demystifies one of the most beneficial molecules known to humankind…polymers!


Magnificent Magnets

Kids discover the invisible fields surrounding magnets with our iron filings. They devise and perform experiments to test magnetic strength.


Ecosystem Explorations

Students investigate the interconnections present in nature. They build ecosystem models, explore the elements of energy webs, reflect on how humans impact ecosystems, and use field journals for everyday explorations, and more.



This workshop provides students with an introduction to photosynthesis, including an understanding of the chemical processes at work in plants, plant respiration, and the role of plants in food webs.


Matter of Fact

Students explore molecules and the forces that hold atoms together. They see the dramatic differences between physical and chemical changes, as they mix up a batch of their very own Mad Science Putty to take home.


Good Vibrations

Kids investigate the science of sound in this hands-on introduction to the basics of vibration, frequency, and pitch. They discover how instruments use vibration to make music and are amazed as they hear bells ring through their fingers.



Students excite electrons as they construct some serious circuits during this program all about electricity. They test various materials for conductivity with space-age plasma balls. Finally, they create and play a buzz-making electric game.


Mineral Mania

Students recreate the process of rock formation and devise ways to identify and classify rocks and minerals. They experience the thrill of panning for gems; the gems they find, they can take home for further study and investigation.


Black and Blue Oceans

Students devise and test techniques to handle the aftermath of an oil spill, in an oil spill simulation, and discuss how to clean up and prevent the pollution that plagues our oceans.


Dry Icecapades

Manipulate matter in all of its 3 states! Melt metal in boiling water, and freeze boiling water with some dry ice. Experience the exciting reaction between hot water and frozen carbon dioxide. Use your thermocolor cup to test the temperature of liquid matter in your home.



Discover your planet! Learn about geodes, the chemistry of crystal formation, and metamorphic geology. Unlock the mysteries of earth's composition and specific geologic processes. Explore tectonic plates and make your own sedimentary stacker


Energy Burst

The challenging topics of kinetic and potential energy will be explored in a very entertaining way as we explore the principles behind the energy of motion using some common and beloved toys


Acids and Bases

Uncover the secrets of chemistry and the effects that acids and bases have on our lives. Learn about the interaction of acids and bases while making a Mad Science “cannon”!


Agent Undercover

Calling all agents, calling all agents! Get into gear with Agent Undercover and learn what it takes to be successful in the spy world. With the Undercover Observer that students make and take home, they will step into the shoes of a spy in action. The viewer allows them to observe visually- a key skill for agents undercover!


All About Animals

What do animals have in common? Let’s use classification to find out. Students will have the opportunity to explore the ways animals have adapted to protect themselves from predators, including camouflage. We’ll all become animal detectives when we investigate various animal tracks, and more!


Body Basics

Explore your body! Jump on the blood vessel freeway as we stop at the respiratory, digestive, skeletal, and nervous systems. Discover how these systems work to keep you healthy. Learn how each of these systems operate - without the operation!



Creepy, crawly critters that are everywhere in our day to day lives... how they walk, how they see, how many legs they have and the unique shapes to their bodies. What do these little creatures eat and how do they survive in a world of giants?



What do you have in common with a dinosaur, amoeba, and a tree? Cells! Explore the tiniest machines in your body. Not only will the students explore cellular structures, but they will also make their own model cell in this fun introduction to the cellular sciences.



Explore the world of physical and chemical change. Eliminate the mystery in chemistry! Explore one of the most exciting and fundamental sciences as you learn how to handle labware while you grow a crazy crystal garden and concoct your own “chemical” soda pop!


Chem in a Flash

Hop on board the chemistry express for a high-speed science experience! Perform instantaneous experiments in this fast-paced class on split-second reactions that go like mad! Pick up an Action Flask and have a blast!


Crime Lab

Got clues? Analyze clues and get hot on the trail of a culprit with the Crime Lab program. With the Spynoculars take home, students safely observe clues from afar. The build-your-own binoculars are used to test the limits of magnified observation and are a diverting way to use observational skills.


Current Events

Events: Apply your knowledge and help build an electronic game! Try to beat your teammates. Take a tour on the electron freeway! Conductors, insulators, transistors, and other elements in the world of circuit electricity introduce themselves to you via the tingle in your fingertips and the twinkle in your eye.


Detective Science

Science: Discover how science is used to solve real crimes. Watch as the classroom is transformed into a crime lab for this exploration into the fundamentals of forensics. Become a science sleuth as we discover how police use chemistry, and the 5 senses to “clue in” at a crime scene...so much fun, it’s criminal!


Discover Detection

Detection: Step into the shoes of a detective—uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis. Students will create, collect, and analyze evidence and discover what skills are necessary as a crime scene lab technician. Whodunit? Students will find out by using their Fingerprint Finder to place and identify UV prints.


Fun-damental Forces

Gravity...Inertia...Centripetal Force... who could ever imagine that an introduction to physics could be so much fun? We’ll experience these awesome forces for ourselves and build some cool devices to watch them at work!


Funky Forensics

Figure out the science of forensics in this hands-on look at crime scenes. Evidence collection and puzzle making will lead them to understand why forensic scientists like to understand the complete picture before they make decisions. Students will use their Case Stamper take home to probe the science of tracking—they will stamp out a scenario on a case card according to a pre-determined story.


Glow Show

Discover amazing things that glow in the dark and come to light! Probe the properties of light and explore unusual applications of glow-in-the-dark tech! Use your Black light Writer to make secret messages that only you can see!


Harnessing Heat

Participants will build a thermometer, and see an underwater volcano erupt. We’ll change the states of matter, and cap off this workshop with a taste bud pleasing demonstration of heat at work, transforming solid sugar crystal into cotton candy!


Jr. Detectives

Are detectives really scientists in disguise? Discover what it takes to be a detective in this hands-on look at detective science. Using powers of observations and the Inspecti-kit, our young scientists will have all they need to get started on their detective adventure.


Junior Reactors

Create a tiny world of atoms with your very own set of Atomic Coins! Learn to recognize chemical reactions and mix up a few reactive ingredients for some sensational results


Kitchen Chemistry

Search for starches, sugars, and fats in our foods. Find out how baking soda makes our cakes fluffy. Learn why we need vitamins and minerals, and how our bodies obtain them from food.


Lab Works

Use your hands as a real Mad Scientist in this whirlwind class on how a lab works! Learn to manipulate laboratory equipment at your personal lab bench, and take home your very own Graduated Gear to continue your research!


Life in the Sea

Become a deep-sea diver as we discover ocean habitats by experimenting with seawater and its unique properties. We’ll explore the creatures that inhabit our oceans and some of their features that allow them to adapt to a watery life.



Uncover the hidden components in ordinary light and build a Newton color wheel or make a chromatography bookmark to prove it. Learn about how we see color and what how colors and paint can be mixed for new and surprising results! Discover black lights and dance to the stroboscope. This program promises to be enlightening!


Mad Science Machines

Test your skills as an engineer. Apply the concepts of work, force, and friction to designing and building simple machines with wheels, axles, gears, and levers. Make a catapult, or for $60 materials surcharge per class, make a cool rocket car!


Tantalizing Taste

Taste: Explore your savory sense and stick out your tongue for this lip-smacking investigation. See what role your sniffer plays as you put your taste buds to the test. All kids will get to taste different flavors of soda in a blind taste test.


Moving Motion

We’ll discover the science behind movement. How do planes, trains, and automobiles move? How does friction, inertia, and other physical forces effect movement? We’ll use everyday materials to create our own forces kits to take home. Buckle yourself in for a fun time!!


Optical Illusions

The “Eyes” have it in this visionary workshop! Students will be introduced to the concepts of refraction, the science of optics, and the biology of eyes. Kids will get to examine mirages and build their own periscopes. ($60 materials surcharge per class)


pH Factor

Slide down the colorful pH scale and dip into the world of acids and bases! Explore pH extremes with a Reaction Tube that is sure-to-be a popping experience! Discover whether liquids found in your home are acids or bases


Science of Art

What do art and science have in common? We’ll discover how art forgeries are detected through the use of chemistry and physics. Techniques using density and friction will be employed to create works of art just like the great masters!


Science of Magic

Magic: Magic? No ~ it’s science! Find out the secrets of Houdini in this fantastic class. You’ll learn the secrets behind famous magic tricks that you can recreate for yourself. Even create your own magic trick to play on your family.


Seeking Our Senses

Senses: Use your common sense and learn about our senses. Learn about sight, sound, touch and taste. Kids will get to explore their senses and how what we smell and see can effect our perception of taste.


Sleuths on the Scene

Suspects, schematics, and sleuths... oh my! Connect the dots using science to help solve a crime in this hands-on investigation at the science of sleuthing. Students continue their sleuthing at home using their Scene Solver take home to reconstruct the scene of a crime with family and friends.


Sonic Sounds

This class introduces students to transmission of sound waves, and allows them to experience digital voice reproduction and sound effects just like in the movies. Using electronic technology, young Mad Scientists will have a sound-warping adventure.


Spy Academy

Look out 007—the Mad Science Spy Academy is in session! From edible messages and decoding clues, students will have the opportunity to check out the skills that spies have in this hands-on journey into the world of espionage. Students will make and take home their own Secret Code Breaker to communicate stealthily at home, like real spies.


Stunt Planes

The Wright brothers would be proud as we follow in their footsteps and learn the fundamental principles of flight. Build a “football” glider, learn about control-surfaces and build your very own loop flying stunt plane. You’ll be a Top Gun after this class. ($40 materials surcharge per class)


Super Sticky Stuff

Stick it to the walls, and push the power of tape to the limits in this adhesive hour on things that cling! Build a bond with glue and get attached to Professor Beakerdude!


Super Structures

Amazing architecture and engineering! Discover how simple shapes like the triangle and arch strengthen and reinforce buildings. Join our science structure challenge... build an earthquake proof-building.


Under Pressure

Pressure: Join Bernoulli and Newton as we take this exciting look at the science behind aerodynamics and the properties of air... under pressure. Use a vortex generator to create air pockets with a punch, and levitate ping-pong balls in defiance of gravity!


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