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Things That Go Boom

One of our most popular shows, our Things That Go Boom Party is all about chemical reactions! The children will learn all about chemistry through foaming reactions that erupt out of their containers, fizzy reactions that inflate balloons, and more! They will watch as we create a rainbow of acids and bases, and explore reactions with fire! Perfect for indoors or outdoors.


Reactions in Action

Our Reactions in Action party is the perfect blend of chemistry and physics, with a focus on things that light up and glow. The children will enjoy reactions that produce light, and explore the works of ultraviolet light! They will watch in amazement as real money disappears in a flash. They'll even get to make themselves glow! Great for indoor parties, ideally with a room that can darkened


It's Electric!

Our It's Electric! party will dazzle and amaze children as they watch water “disappear” in a cup and see white light split into all its colors. The children will explore light and electricity by using a real hand-held Tesla Coil and conductors to turn on a light. The birthday child will even get their own indoor fireworks to celebrate! Great for indoor party, ideally in a room that can be darkened


Pre-K 123s

Learn all about chemistry with our Pre-K 123 show! Make a foaming chemical reaction, and even inflate some balloons with reactions like vinegar and baking soda. Experience color-changing chemical reactions by making a colorful rainbow. The show concludes with our bubbling potions, where you'll get to learn about dry ice and even touch, taste, and play inside of some real clouds! Indoors or Outdoor


Pre-K ABC's

Learn all about the science of magic with out disappearing water and magic coloring book! You will also explore chemistry through some slimy reactions that all the children will get to touch, feel, and experience for themselves. The show concludes with our bubbling potions, where you'll get to learn about dry ice and even touch, taste, and play inside of some real clouds! Indoors or Outdoors


Air Blast

Kids check out dissolving foam, see tornadoes whirling about indoors, and enjoy a blast of confetti from our air cannon. They will also get to enjoy our disappearing flash paper, and even use fire air pressure to create a real vacuum that sucks up a water balloon! Perfect or indoors or outdoors.



Does your Mad Scientist also have a love of wizards and wizardry? Then they'll love our Wizardry science party! Enjoy our most popular birthday science experiments - things like electricity, foaming reactions, and slimy concoctions - presented with a twist of magic and fantasy. Includes our Bubbling Potions Upgrade and Glow-in-the-dark slime


Slime Party

The perfect party for all those slime lovers out there. That's right - Mad Science has a full 1 hour party all about SLIME! Awesome slimy demonstrations and hands-on slime-making abound. The party participants will create different take home slime varieties, including traditional slime, flow-in-the-dark slime, and snowball slime.


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