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Virginia SOL Correlations

Grades 1-3

Grades 4-6

Force, Motion, Energy, and Matter

Magnetic Explorations- Discover how magnets attract and repel in this fantastic class. Make your own magnetic field tester to take home.

Dry Ice Capades- Manipulate matter in all of its three states! Melt metal, and use your own thermocolor cup to test the temperature of liquids.

Simple Machines- Learn all about how simple machines make work easier. Everyone builds their own catapult to take home.

Moving Motion- Catapult into Newton’s three laws of motion! See action & reaction at work with the Newton Spinner.

Force, Motion, Energy, and Matter

Matter of Fact- Students build model molecules and mix together chemicals to see if they produce a physical or chemical change.

Watt’s Up- Learn about static electricity, its properties, and its role in weather. Use a Van Der Graff generator to see some truly “hair-raising” effects.

Sonic Sounds- Explore the phenomena of sound! Learn about vibration, pitch, and sound waves. Experiment with our wacky voice effects generator.

Mischievous Magnets- Discover the amazing world of magnets. Learn how electricity can be used to make your own electromagnet!

Current Events-Take a tour on the electron freeway! Get turned onto science and technology with the Circuit Maze kit.

Jr. Reactors- Create a tiny world of atoms with your very own set of Atomic Coins! Learn to recognize chemical reactions and mix up a few reactive ingredients for some sensational results!

Life Processes and Living Systems

Living Things- Explore how different animals survive. Observe how worms eat and make your own tooth cast to take home.

Creature’s Features- See what dinosaurs and today’s animals have in common. Examine real fossil casts participate in a mini dino dig.

All About Animals- Explore the animal kingdom and learn about the habitats, adaptations and life cycles of your favorite creatures.

Decomposers- Learn about the importance of decomposition and its role in the food chain. Explore both plant and animal decomposers.

Life in the Sea- Discover ocean habitats by experimenting with sea water and it’s unique properties. Explore the creatures that inhabit the ocean and learn about how they survive.

Life Processes and Living Systems

Resources Around Us- Explore the fascinating world of ecosystems. Learn how inter-relationships exist between all living things, and how ecosystems stay in balance.

Cells- Take an in-depth look at the parts of a cell, discover the difference between plant and animal cells. Make your own model cell to take home!

Photosynthesis- Discover how plants use sunlight, H2O, and CO2 to make their own food. Use microscopes to look at plant cells, and learn why leaves are green.

Earth/Space Systems and Cycles

Earthworks- Uncover rock samples and discover how they were formed. See how sediment stacks in a multi-purpose test tube.

Walloping Weather- Discover the importance of air pressure in weather systems. Learn about how scientists measure the weather.

Conservation Basics- Learn about the sources of pollution and clean up a polluted lake. Discover what the word “potable” means.

Wacky Water- Lean all about the substance that covers 70% off the earth’s surface. See how ocean currents circulate and make your own wave modulator.

Earth/Space Systems and Cycles

Mineral Mania- Take a detailed look at the earth with our earth “dissection.” Learn how to classify rocks and go panning for gems.

Planets and Moons- Explore the furthest reaches of our solar system and learn how the planets stack up. Build a Kepler’s cube puzzle with cool planet facts.

Super Power Sources- Take a bold look at power generation. Learn about renewable resources when you race solar powered grasshoppers, and power a circuit with chemistry!

Space Technology- Discover the technology designed and used in outer space! Use laser beams and explore the principles of radar.



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