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Preschool rocket
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Preschool Topics

All of our programs can be adapted to suit the interests and understanding of pre-school children.

Children will learn about science by touching, feeling, and even tasting their science experiments. We leave children inspired and hungry to learn more. We spark imaginative learning!


Programs available for preschoolers:



  • Adventures in Air: Learn how air is used and why it is important in our lives. Make a tornado right in the classroom. Learn how airplanes use air to fly and take home your own cloud climber.
  • Animal Friends: Did you hear that? What animal is that? Learn to identify different animals by the noises they make. Discover how animals change as they grow up. Finally, everyone makes an animal mask to take home.
  • Bubbling Potions: Find out what a real Mad Scientist has inside those beakers and flasks! Learn the secret behind dry ice as we explore carbon dioxide, sublimation, and the three states of matter. This workshop is guaranteed to be a gas!
  • Bugs: Creepy, crawly critters that are everywhere in our day-to-day lives... how they walk, how they see, how many legs they have, and the unique shapes to their bodies. What do these little creatures eat and how do they survive in a world of giants?
  • Butterflies: This engaging class explores butterflies and where they live. Students will discover how butterflies eat by collecting nectar. Everyone will even make a model butterfly of their own to take home during this workshop.
  • Che-Mystery: Explore the world of physical and chemical changes. Eliminate the mystery in chemistry! Explore one of the most exciting and fundamental sciences as you learn how to make your own sidewalk chalk and concoct your own “chemical” soda pop!
  • Color: We will introduce your preschoolers to the exciting world of colors. Who is Roy G. Biv and why is he important? How are rainbows made? What are the primary colors? Answer these questions and more, plus get to take home your own rainbow maker!!
  • Dinosaurs: Future paleontologists will discover the unique science of excavating fossils. A study of our dinosaur friends as we learn about fossilization, carnivores, herbivores and many other “Jurassic” explorations.
  • Earthworks: Discover your planet! Learn about geodes, the three layers of the earth, and other special rocks that make up our planet. Explore how crystals are formed and grow your own crystals to take home.
  • Eye to Eye: Did you know your eyes sometimes play tricks on you? We will explore how we see things by using magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes, and telescopes. You'll never LOOK at your eyes the same way again!
  • Fluttering Birds: Take a close look at birds. Learn about what they eat, how they communicate, and what their eggs look like. See how a bird can use it's beak as a tool. Every child will get their own bird warble whistle to take home.
  • Harnessing Heat: Participants will learn all about heat while viewing an underwater volcano and experimenting with thermometers. We'll cap off this workshop with a taste bud pleasing demonstration of heat at work, transforming solid sugar crystal into cotton candy!
  • Human Body: What keeps your body together and moving? Your bones and muscles. See how your muscles move and put together your own skeleton! Pretend to be a blood cell traveling through an artery and follow its path through the body.
  • Keep in Touch: Did you ever wonder what life would be like if you couldn't see? Could you figure out what something was just by touching it? Find out how important your sense of touch is in this class, where all you can use is your hands.
  • Let's Measure: Preschoolers learn the basics of measurement by measuring all kinds of objects. Student us balance beam scales, bathroom scales and even their own feet to measure! Everyone will take home a measuring foot to cut out with their parents.
  • Lights... Color... Action: Uncover the hidden components in ordinary light and make a chromatography bookmark to prove it. Learn about how our eyes see color and what happens to light when we break it up. Discover black lights and dance to the stroboscope. This program promises to be enlightening.
  • Lights On: Have you ever looked behind you on a sunny day? What do you see? Your shadow! Shadows are really hard to catch, but watch us catch it for just a minute in this class. Plus, find out the mystery behind white light!
  • Listen Closely: Using your sense of sound, try to figure out what's inside our mystery eggs. Learn how special effect sounds are made for the movies and even try some on your own. Finally, we will make our own band and learn how sound, pitch, and volume affect music.
  • Look Closely: Children will discover the world through the use of mirrors, microscopes and magnifying glasses. They will learn about reflection and symmetry and use hand held microscopes to observe objects closely.
  • Mad Mixtures: Be a real Mad Scientist and concoct a crazy explosion. Watch colors explode before your very eyes. Make some color mixer to take home with you.
  • Magnetic Attraction: Learn about the invisible force that surrounds a magnet, known as the magnetic field. Find out what kinds of materials are attracted or repelled by magnets. Make your own refrigerator magnet to take home.
  • Matter of Fact: Take a closer look at chemistry. We'll build, touch and explore the building blocks of all matter and create a wacky-wild concoction of silly putty!
  • Rocket Launch: Discover the dynamics of rocket flight. Touch and feel our model rockets while learning HOW and WHY they fly. Take part in a NASA-style launching of model rockets, which soar into the air and then return to Earth by parachute.
  • Science Of Magic: Magic? No, it's science! Find out the secrets of Houdini. You'll learn the secrets behind famous magic tricks that you can recreate for yourself! Learn the science behind how diapers work like magic!
  • Science of Music How is sound created? By vibration! Test your vibrating vocal cords when we learn about volume-how loud or quiet can you be. Turn the classroom into a real rockin' band and make your own jingle bracelet to take home.
  • Sea, Sand, and Surf: Discover the ocean and the creatures that live in it. Why do turtles have shells? How is sand made? These questions and more will be answered in this interactive class. Everyone will build their own model ocean to take home.
  • Space Frontiers: Be an astronaut on our space mission of our solar system. Learn the different planets and all about the stars above. Bring home your own squeeze rocket to blast off on your own imagination mission.
  • Super Structures: Amazing architecture and engineering! Discover how simple shapes like the triangle and square strengthen and reinforce buildings. Join our science structure challenge, build an earthquake proof-building.
  • Taste and Smell: Test your nose! Can you figure out what something is just by smelling it? Discover the taste buds and test your tasting skills with sweet, salty, sour, and bitter flavors. Cerate your own scented painting to take home.
  • Water Works: Why do some things float and others sink? Which kinds of things soak up (absorb) better than others? What is surface tension? Why does it rain? Those questions, and many more, are answered in this class of how water works.
  • Weather Wonders: Learn about the different kinds of weather. Learn how to use a thermometer to tell temperature. Why is there wind? Create your own windsock to see how hard and from which direction the wind is blowing.
  • Worms: What is it like to be a worm? Learn how worms move, eat, breathe, and much more. What is compost and how does it relate to worms? Learn all this and continue the experience by making a terrarium to take home.

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