In-Person Mad Science Shows & Workshops

Mad Science brings the Field Trip to you! We have programs available for all kinds of organizations and for all types of audiences. Whether you are looking for a hands-on activity for a small group, a stage performance for a big event, or anything in between, we have you covered!

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This Page is about In-Person Shows & Workshops


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All About Our Science Shows and Workshops

Science Shows & Special Events

Our fascinating science shows will entertain both children and parents alike. See amazing chemical reactions, fantastic forces, and more. Shows are 45-minutes long and highly interactive, with a presentation that is tailored to the group size and age of the audience. Our shows really bring the WOW factor!

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Science Workshops

Our Workshops are the perfect hands-on complement your curriculum or weekly theme. The hands-on activities help instill a true understanding of the concepts. Workshops are 1 hour long, and include exciting demonstrations, group activities and even a take-home project to keep. They'll have so much fun, they'll forget their learning!

Kids sitting in a circle with legs straight out surrounding dry ice and smoke cause from the dry ice.

Preschool Programs

We even have programs for our littlest Mad Scientists! Our preschool programs are just like our school-age ones, with content that is age-appropriate and engaging. Preschool workshops are perfect for ages 3-5 year olds, and kids as young as 2 will be entertained by our Preschool Shows! All pre-K programs are 35 minutes long.

Boy playing with beakers with red and green liquid inside and smoke pouring out

Our Science Shows in Action

Our out-of-this-world, highly interactive, and fun demonstrations and experiments will wow the crowd!

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Our Show & Special Event Themes

School Age Shows

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Preschool Shows

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Fun Stations

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Our Workshop Themes

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Elementary-Age Themes

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Preschool Themes

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Happy Customers

Here's what everyone has to say about our science events!

Dynamite Dave was great! He kept the kids (3-5) attention and involved them in his experiments. The kids loved it!


Washington, PA

As always, the kids loved the Slime Booth for our Annual Halloween Happening. Always a 'treat'!


Northampton, PA

We have had Mad Science at the Falmouth Public Library numerous times. The reason is, they consistently deliver an amazing show, that always delights our patrons. Joltin' Jonathan is amazing at crowd control. He's professional, funny, and easily engages the crowd. Whenever we have Mad Science come, parents and caregivers always thank us for hiring them!


Falmouth, MA


Do you require a deposit?

Typically, we require a $75 deposit for all bookings. For Summer 2020, we have waived the deposit due to the uncertainty around COVID-19. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you may do so without penalty.


What kind of space is best suited for a Mad Science special event?

An ideal show location would be an area with an open space for the children to sit on the floor. Our shows can be performed indoors or outdoors, although the former is preferred. Workshops are best held in a classroom-style setting where the kids can sit around tables in groups, although they can also work on the floor if needed.


Do we need to provide Mad Science with any equipment?

For each show, we require an 6-foot long table to place our equipment on, access to a sink or water, and proximity to an electrical outlet. For each workshop, we would need any table or surface to lay out our materials on. Depending on the topic, we may need access to water or electricity.


Can I book a show/workshop and then change to a virtual one later on?

Yes! You can always change your program from in-person to virtual. We may be able to switch from virtual to in-person as well, depending on availability. For that reason, we recommend booking it as an in-person program if you are unsure which you would prefer.


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