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Jurassic Encounters Party Upgrade

Meet Tiny T!




Mad Science is excited to announce our new Jurassic Encounters experience - the perfect addition to your dinosaur-loving Mad Scientist's birthday party! 


What should you expect from your visit from Tiny T? Well, almost everyone is curious about dinosaurs, but if dinosaurs are extinct then how do we know anything about them?  How big were they? What did they eat? Paleontology is not just about finding rare fossils – it is about what we learn from the fossils. Paleontologists are dinosaur detectives! This show helps explain what we know about dinosaurs and how we know it.


And of course, the best part of our Jurassic Encounters Upgrade is a visit from “Tiny T”, our 6-month old baby T. rex. A life size dinosaur is something your guests will NEVER FORGET!  Adults and kids alike are in awe as they watch a dinosaur come to life in front of their eyes. Tiny T participates briefly in the show, and can stay afterwards for a photo opportunity like no other!


Call 301-593-4777 for pricing and more information, or ask our customer service rep when you book your party!


Jurassic Experience Customer FAQ

What exactly is this Dinosaur?
Tiny T is a 6 month old T-Rex. The Dinosaur has very lifelike movements and sounds when operated by our puppeteer. He is so lifelike, you will forget she isn’t real!

How long is the dinosaur out with everbody?
Each appearance by Tiny T (the dinosaur) is about 15 minutes long. Please note that outside appearances in summer months will be closer to 15 minutes due to heat concerns for the puppeteer.

Can the Dinosaur fit through a doorway?
Generally, the Dinosaur is too large to fit through a standard door way (34 inches). We prefer to have a double doorway with the center post removed (most are removable.) To gain access to a changing room, we can maneuver and slip through a single doorway with the help of the handler. But access to the performance area needs to have a larger opening. On the same note, wide hallways are OK, but tight hallways with sharp corners can make it impossible for the Dinosaur to transit.

How big is the Dinosaur?
Tiny T is approximately 12 ft long and 7 ft tall standing level. But as Tiny T moves about, his tail or head can reach heights of 10-12 ft.

Do you need special parking?
Due to the awkwardness of carrying a 12 ft Dinosaur, we need to park as close to the entrance of the building or venue as possible. If there is an excessive distance to carry Tiny T, there may be an additional transportation fee.

Can Tiny T do an outside appearance?
Yes! As long as the weather conditions allow it (rain, high winds & extreme heat all needs to be taken into consideration). We use ice vests to cool the puppeteer when he is inside the suite, but hot summer days will limit the appearances times to about 15 minutes each.

Can the Dinosaur go upstairs or into an elevator?
Due to the size of the Dinosaur, he himself cannot transverse stairs, nor will he fit into an elevator. Also, to transport the Dinosaur for setting up, we cannot go up a full flight of stairs. 2 or 3 steps are OK. An elevator will only work if it can accommodate a 10 foot long object. If stairs or a small elevator are in the path between the performance area and the offloading area, we CANNOT move the Dinosaur in to do the performance.

Abuse & mistreatment
Mad Science reserves the right to cancel an appearance without refund for abuse and mistreatment of the dinosaur costume. This includes rough handling, pulling, pinching, grabbing, punching or otherwise abusing the costume by members of the audience. Our handler will work to inform the audience of this, but we also need your help to manage large crowds. We recognize a tendency of children (and some adults) to want to touch and explore, but the costume cannot handle several hundred pairs of hands doing that at events. 


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